Will the New Movie Rita have a Gold Morpher?

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First off, yes this is a bit of an odd subject, and to some very pointless. However, after seeing a modified toy morpher from the movie (chromed Gold and Green) I decided to do the same thing with mine. Once that was done and that I had ordered a Green Power Coin to fit it, and it got me thinking, will Rita even have a gold morpher?


From what everyone knows about the Green Ranger from our childhood, the Green Ranger had a “Dragon Shield” which was gold. Further renditions of the Green Ranger received more Gold and Even Silver. So it does leave us to think, the new “Green Ranger” should have gold too? No?


We have already established that this new movie is NOT our 90s version of the rangers. Things have changed, though somethings are similar.. they are not our childhood Power Rangers (not that it’s a bad thing).

With that, it lets me to believe that this “Green Ranger” doesn’t naturally have gold on it. Looking at Rita’s Green Ranger costume, right off the bat you do not see a place for the morpher. Again, it is possible that she doesn’t have one in the same location as the “Green Ranger” is considered “special”.

Morpher Breakdown

After looking at her suit closer, it seems that is also isn’t complete. This could be caused by a number of reasons. For me, this could be because she isn’t “morphed”, the essence of the Green Ranger Coin (a dragon) is transmitted through her Staff, turning her into what we have seen thus far. Since her Staff is gold, and could be the thing allowing her to control Gold (cough Goldar cough), is the reason why we see that gold that we do.

Morpher Breakdown2

I know I know, everyone has their theory, and wants to be FIRST at pointing something out. Just wondering if anyone has thought about it as well? Or am I just crazy? 😛


Let us know what you think below!


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