What? Carmageddon is Finally Coming to PS4?!?!?!?

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OK, hold up! Have I been living under a rock? But But? When did this happen? How did I miss this?

Alright, I have been a fan of Carmageddon since day one. However, I honestly don’t know how I came across it. I could of been downloading random stuff from Tucows (yea, thats right, I used that shit) and gave it a shot.


Based off the Original Death Race 2000, the game featured “events” where you had a few options to how you were going to complete the race:

1 – Complete the Laps (boring…..)
2 – Kill all Pedestrians (that’s right, no one was safe)
3 – Wreak all the Opponents

Now I used to be the one smashing the other cars until there was nothing left, and I loved it. They even gave you some neat (some really stupid) power ups to use to attack them with.

Throughout the years Carmageddon spanned an Expansion Pack (Splatter Pack), 2 PC sequels and a few family friendly home console versions.. yup.. no Peds for those.. they turned them into Zombies… joy..



A few years back we got a tease of a PC version that was under development, which you could help fund by buying the Beta off of Steam. Though the game was no where near to be finished, it gave you the chance to try it out. Any new Updates, you got them, and they were great.


The game looked beautiful, however for those who are PC gamers they know that not EVERY PC can support EVERY game.. Well, regardless of me putting it on the lowest settings, I still get lag. Don’t get me wrong, I can still play it, and I still loved it.. but I was hoping that it would make it to console so I could REALLY enjoy it..

My Wish was answered!

After Nicolas wanted me to pick up Overwatch, he started to look into other PS4 games that were coming out.. which then he mentioned “Carmageddon Max Damage”.. and I freaked out. And with only a month away until its release, the time is almost upon us!


So I leave you with a few of its trailers below, and make sure to follow me on Twitch.. I am Streaming this Bitch once I get it!

See ya

Announcement Trailer




Let us know what you think below!