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Will the New Movie Rita have a Gold Morpher?

4 months     Mark T.      

First off, yes this is a bit of an odd subject, and to some very pointless. However, after seeing a modified toy morpher from the movie (chromed Gold and Green) I decided to do the same thing with mine. Once that was done and that I had ordered a Green Power Coin to fit it,…


Stop the Hate

8 months     Mark T.      

Social Media has become a huge part of the world that we live in these days, that it is very hard to avoid seeing or hearing about the latest trend, upcoming movie, or toys from a convention. However, when it is used just to spread hate, and negativity, to me that crosses the line and…


Top 5 things Comic Collectors Might Not Know

11 months     Mark T.      

For those of you that order comics, here are some things that some people don’t quite understand or know of in the comic industry. Now before I begin, I have learnt these things working in a comic store, but I will not in any way reveal private information based on the company I work/or work…


Carmageddon Max Damage [Twitch Streams]

12 months     Mark T.      

PS: The Pre-Order bonus codes that were given out, which I mentioned in the stream, I just found out they will not be active until July 8th. I am guessing once it is released Worldwide. [UPDATED] Part 1 – Added 07-06-2016 [UPDATED] Part 2 – Added 07-07-2016 [UPDATED] Part 3 – Added 07-08-2016


Lego Dimensions REVIEW (Yea, I know I am late)

1 year     Mark T.      

After debating and debating and debating to get Lego Dimensions, I finally caved. It ended up being a combination of 2 reasons why I picked it up. The first was this trailer: The second was because I was able to get the main set (with boxes) for 40$. Not bad start eh? What is Lego…


What? Carmageddon is Finally Coming to PS4?!?!?!?

1 year     Mark T.      

OK, hold up! Have I been living under a rock? But But? When did this happen? How did I miss this? Alright, I have been a fan of Carmageddon since day one. However, I honestly don’t know how I came across it. I could of been downloading random stuff from Tucows (yea, thats right, I…