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Social Media has become a huge part of the world that we live in these days, that it is very hard to avoid seeing or hearing about the latest trend, upcoming movie, or toys from a convention. However, when it is used just to spread hate, and negativity, to me that crosses the line and makes me just want to step back and distance myself from it.


Two of my most cared about series of toys I like to collect are TMNT and Power Rangers (namely Mighty Morphin). Way back when they first decided to make a new Live Action/CGI movie with the Heroes in a Half Shell, I loved the idea of having my childhood back on the big screen. But with a new movie came new designs.. Designs that A LOT of Fans hated.. to Facebook/Twitter/Youtube they all went, bashing it before we ever got to see them in action. When it finally made it to the big screen, the movie wasn’t the greatest. But to have someone want to make a new movie about them, sure go for it, keep the franchise alive. They made it to a sequel (unlike other franchises *cough* Jem and the Holograms *cough*), and in my opinion listen to the fans and adjusted accordingly. It felt like it had the heart of the 90s cartoon in live action. Was it perfect? No. Was it better? Hell YES!

Anyways, this rant isn’t supposed to be about TMNT. So let’s get back on track.


For most of you, you are aware that they are making a new Power Rangers movie. From the trailer/toys/pictures you can tell that is it not AT ALL the same 90s show that you all grew up with. Which brings me to my first point. Everyone who is hating online about it wants them to basically have the EXACT same 90s show on the big screen. You know what.. *%*$ you! I’m sorry for being that direct. But come on. It is 2016.. soon to be 2017. I have zero problem with the rebooting and making a whole new movie. A new concept. We have had how many seasons of Power Rangers since Mighty Morphin? They could have made any of the past ranger’s series, or even a new one, but no, they are bringing back my childhood. Will it be shit? Will it be the Bomb? A lot of you think it will suck, why, because you are judging a book by its cover. The movie isn’t out, but yet, you are comparing it to a show from YEARS AGO. No, it is not going to be the same fucking thing. If it was, it would be horrible. Here is an idea, rent a cinema for the night, and play the TV series on the big screen. Ta DA! Been there, done that! MOVE ON! Let the movie come out, watch it, if you don’t like it then fine.. GOOD FOR YOU. You are allowed to not like something. But you have no right, which neither do I, to say they have RUINED THE WHOLE FRANCHISE. If the company makes money, then they will continue to do what they want. You know, if you hate on it so much, then why talk about it? Positive or Negative, did you know that talking about it is basically advertising for it? You are spreading the word around. Some of the worst movies out there of all time are so popular cause they were bad. They are never forgotten. If you hate it that bad, don’t talk about it.


Being a Power Rangers fan in this day and age is awesome, expensive, but AWESOME. Bandai has been releasing for a few years now a Power Rangers “Legacy” series. This series is basically for Adults. They are re-tooled/re-sculpted toys/zords/figures of the ones released back in the 90s. Most (if not all) have parts made out of Diecast. In my opinion, they have truly hit the nail on the head with these. The ONLY thing I might have to say negative is the price. These have gotten so bloody expensive; it breaks the bank collecting them. But so do most fancy collectables. Though I don’t have a problem with everything that has come out thus far, one piece in particular that has come out (not here in Canada yet) it is getting a lot of Hate. The Red Ranger Legacy Helmet. Now, I do not own it yet, but the amount of people that I hear/read hating on it pisses me off.


Lets break it down. For a fan to get a professional looking 1:1 scale helmet that looks like it is pulled directly from the TV show, it will set you back MINIMUM 350-400$USD. Since these are done by a select bunch of prop makers online, and not mass produced, also expect to wait minimum 3-4 months for 1. These helmets when worn run the risk of paint chipping. Cracking. Fogging up. Falling apart after multiple uses (not in all cases). So if you can afford to get one of those made for you, good, go for it. Now, for those who can’t afford to shell out that kind of money, this, in my opinion, is the next best thing.

14705883_1016212431823059_8876605539220955976_nPhoto credit Fernando Cabrera on Facebook

It is bigger then a Screen Cast helmet (bigger then normal power ranger helmet size). It does not come with glossy paint. No black pin strips. Big neck hole. Indented visor. However.. its 99$USD, available the day you pick it up from the store. No wait time. Does it look like it is pulled directly from the show? I don’t care. Will it fit my big head? Possible (as I don’t own it yet). All I have to say is STOP COMPLAINING! You don’t like it, then shut up. Seriously. Come on.. For all those that are complaining, it sounds like you are being a sore loser, as if it will drive business away from your 400$ helmets. It may or may not. Bitching and Whine about just makes me not want to do business with you. Grow up.

In this day and age, when a fan wants to promote what they love, it is expensive to do so. This gives everyone a chance to own a Power Ranger helmet.

All this negativity makes me want to leave the groups of series I hold dear to my heart. And it pains me everyday to read about all the hate. Am I sorry for being rude, harsh and to the point, yes. I don’t want to come off as all those haters. I am just sick and tired of all the stupidity.

This is my rant. I haven’t covered EVERYTHING that I wanted to cover, as writing this got my frustration out of me. I feel slightly less aggravated. Bottom line, agree with me or disagree with me.. I don’t care. All I ask.. Lighten up. Be happy. Keep to what you enjoy. Don’t ruin it for others.

See you next time.

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