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In the past few years, Image has been releasing many amazing series. To the point where the big two has become the big three. Claiming a spot next to Marvel and DC with titles like Spawn, Saga and The Walking Dead. But today I will be talking about one of their less known series that my expert eyes have given more attention than any other. This incredible series is Think Tank.


Drawn in glorious black and white, this series starts off depicting the daily life of David Loren, a young genius drafted out of high school to become the next superstar of the DARPA dev team. Now confined to a top secret underground government facility, David is enjoying his carefree lazy life. Unlimited funding and “smartest in the room” status, he has no problem boasting about it. He did create the Predator Drone after all. Where it gets funny is that he is incredibly lazy and unbelievably obnoxious. Which is really frustrating for his military superiors who are set on a “merica” power trip. He then proceeds to test the limits of his “liberty” only to discover that his situation is not that far from being a prisoner or a slave.


Now, let’s not spoil anymore but lets just say that the entire first series goes on about war crimes, high intellect and a whole lot of technological showing off. Think Tank is all about accountability. Because if you are ready to create incredibly efficient killing machines you cannot ignore the repercussions of your actions.




Keeping the same writer Matt Hawkins and artist Rahsan Ekedal, Image has announced a few months ago that they will be publishing a Volume 2 of the series. Since it will be following Volume 1, i’m expecting just as much awesomeness. Now, if you’ve been reading some of the other amazing series by image like The Tithe or Postal (which I also recommend). You will be delighted to learn that a few days ago they also have announced a crossover of these series titled “Eden’s Fall”.


In conclusion, i’m not sure if I like this series because of its awesome story, the high tech or the obnoxious and quite likeable protagonist but one thing is for sure, this series is the reason why I read comics. Easily placing itself in my Top 3 of all time, i will personally recommend this book to any reader. And will be on the lookout for any series from this amazing writer/artist duo.


On this, I hope you enjoyed this post. See you Nerds next time.


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