Free Comic Book Day, Secret Wars #0, Fight Club II and TMNT

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Last weekend was one of the most anticipated comic event of the year. On May 2nd, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), a yearly tradition ever since its inception in 2002, was held. The whole thing started as promotion for the release of the Spider-Man movie (yes, the bad one with Toby McGuire). Ever since then, FCBD has been scheduled with major comic book movies releases. In fact the whole is nothing but a giant promotion for them and major upcoming titles. I highly value this event because not only do publishers release amazing sneak peeks of upcoming storylines for diehard fans but it also offers an easy introduction to a younger audience. I share the belief that if more people were initiated to the world of comics growing up, society would benefit not only from a higher level of literacy but also creativity, culture and morals.


On this, let’s review this year’s FCBD most influential titles.




Secret Wars

One of the most anticipated title of 2015, Secret Wars has been slowly introduced in the current ongoing Avengers and New Avengers titles for the last 8 months. It started as a mysterious and cataclysmic event called the incursions (a fancy word for universes colliding), the avengers slowly began their investigation to finally come to the realization that the end was inevitable. They slowly introduced us to the beyonders, a group of people originating from beyond the known multiverse. Seem familiar? Well it is because the original Secret Wars was based on the same premise (which, by the way, I highly recommend). This remake has a few alteration though, including the fact that the playful and all powerful beyonder has been replaced by a more mature group with way more destructive ambitions like destroying reality etc.


The FCBD issue is a fun in between for the Avengers and Secret Wars. It both talk about the Avengers quest for survival and also ends on a mysterious invasion of military vessels that will be occurring in the upcoming series. The whole book is shown from the point of view of the Future Foundation’s young members as they discuss the details of their escape plan. Now, apparently less than 12 universes are still standing and the rumors suggest that only one will remain.


I considered it nothing but light entertainment until, on the last page, the invasion occurred as the heroes dived face first into action. Teasing, yes, but not as much as when I noticed ULTIMATE IRON MAN leading the array of planes and carriers, The obvious suggests that the ULTIMATE universe incursion is finally happening and Marvel will definitely not let this one go unnoticed. So yeah, get the series, but you could easily skip this issue.



Fight Club

Ever since the release of the movie adaptation of the original novel, a Fight Club sequel as been long awaited. This year, the author Chuck Palahniuk announced that he will be writing the sequel Fight Club II. This 10 parts comic book series will take place 10 years after where the movie left us. Starting another crazy chapter in the life of “Jack”.


For FCBD we had the chance to be reintroduce to the world of the nameless protagonist. Bringing back the classic reference to the focus groups, the underground bar fights and the unstable Marla. Most importantly there is one element that is clear from the beginning: He knows that he is and isn’t Tyler Durden. Additionally, the few pages available to us were highly successful in igniting our curiosity. It makes us want to know a lot more about the last decade. Is he accepting the chaotic double life of Tyler or is he keeping it in check? Or is he even able to? In conclusion, I highly recommend picking up the first book.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT has been rebooted so many times and has changed its origin even more often over the years. The current series has done so by introducing the turtles as a reincarnation of a feudal Japanese family. No real explanation in the storyline, but this plot definitely opens doors to multitudes of possibilities and stories. Including the recent event regarding death and rebirth of Donatello as the classic Metal Head, a Ninja Turtle shaped robot. We’re still waiting for the next issues to tell you more about the what and how  but the FCBD issue was set right after these events. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bring us a fantastic story more than it recapitulate the first 45 issues narrated by the shell heads themselves. As a big fan of the turtles in general, I got a copy for myself but realistically if it wasn’t free I wouldn’t have purchased for it.


On this, I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you’ve marked a spot on your calendar for next year’s FCBD.


That’s it folks, see you next time!

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