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2 years     All The Nerds       Comic Books feature a variety of toys and geeky merchandise for kids and kids-at-heart adults of all ages. Their newest products, now available for pre-order, are comic book inspired suits based on favourite Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters.

Available for both adults and children, the suits range in price from $169.99USD$349.99USDĀ and are available in three styles:

Secret Identity, a fashionable suit with a comic book character as the jacket interior:


incredible-hulk-secret-identity- (1)


joker-suit-secret-identity (1)

Alter Ego, suit designed to look like the costume of the hero that they are based on:



and finally Authentic, a replica of a famous character’s costume/suit:



The suit are available for pre-order on and are estimated to release mid-November.

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