#100 – Geek Fuel October 2017 Unboxing [STRANGER THINGS]

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For those who don’t know, not all Power Ranger Legacy items are locked to Toys R Us. Most of series has been made available through other stores like Big Bad Toy Store, Barns and Noble, EB Games, etc. This is because all those companies are able to get their stock from Diamond Comics Distributors. That…

#086 – MMPR Red Ranger Legacy Power Sword Unboxing

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Will the New Movie Rita have a Gold Morpher?

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First off, yes this is a bit of an odd subject, and to some very pointless. However, after seeing a modified toy morpher from the movie (chromed Gold and Green) I decided to do the same thing with mine. Once that was done and that I had ordered a Green Power Coin to fit it,…

LEGO Power Rangers 2017 Movie Sets Coming??

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With the movie just over a month away, we start to look at the things that were announced/leaked that have not shown up yet. To be more precise, does anyone remember this image that leaked during the last comic con last year? Though there has been no further news on it, and with the licence…

Official NEW Power Rangers Trailer!

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And here are the FINAL posters for the movie: The HYPE is real!