#093 – Fantasy Figure Gallery Batman Statue Unboxing/Review

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Special #002 – 75th Anniversary Captain America Shield Unboxing

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MARVEL in the Universe of Fashion

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Be ready to wear some emporering cloths ladies, Her Universe has created a new Marvel-based line around Marvel’s female TV and comic book character portrayals. They will debut this weekend for New York’s Comiccon at the ReedPOP Supply Co. Store. Here’s what you can expect!   Agent Carter / Scarlet Witch   Black Widow / Captain Marvel…

MMPR #9 and #10 Revealed! No More Zord Covers?

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Normally we are on point with bringing the fans their first look at the upcoming covers of Boom Studio‘s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, however we have been behind due to a confusing direction Boom is taking. The first 8 issues of the ongoing series (#8 not yet released) they have stuck to the same theme…

Comic book suits by Fun.com

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Fun.com feature a variety of toys and geeky merchandise for kids and kids-at-heart adults of all ages. Their newest products, now available for pre-order, are comic book inspired suits based on favourite Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters. Available for both adults and children, the suits range in price from $169.99USD – $349.99USD and are available…

Top 5 things Comic Collectors Might Not Know

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For those of you that order comics, here are some things that some people don’t quite understand or know of in the comic industry. Now before I begin, I have learnt these things working in a comic store, but I will not in any way reveal private information based on the company I work/or work…