Nicolas B.

  • About Nicolas

  • Since the dawn of time, man struggled to define himself into one specific ''genre''. Today, with modern science and collective ingenuity, All the Nerds is proud to present you, Nicolas, the guy you were waiting for. After years of training into the goal of mastering the latest innovation the world of Geekness has to offer, he became the Manager of a Comicbook Store located in Montreal. With perseverance, he flourished to be one of the best and, obviously, idolized by his peers. He is giving you today the gift of his knowledge. Yes. You should feel lucky. Now, blessed by his kindness, let you be entertained and enjoy what he has to offer. Nicolas B. (Note: That's mostly all bullshit, I like geek stuff and to talk about it, that's it.)

  • His Nerdgasms

  • Movies:

    1. Star Wars, George Lucas, 1977
    2. Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola, 1972
    3. Toy Story, Pixar Animation Studios, 1995
    4. Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg, 1993
    5. Austin Power, Jay Roach, 1997

    1. Akira (Movie), Katsuhiro Otomo, 1988
    2. Mysterious Cities of Gold (Series), Toriumi, 1982
    3. Dragon Ball Z (series), Akira Toriyama, 1986
    4. Pokemon (Series), Satoshi Tajiri, 1997
    5. Digimon (Series), Akiyoshi Hongo, 1999


    1. Anything ''Amazing Spider-Man'' related
    2. Old Man Logan, Mark Millar, 2008
    3. House of M, Brian Bendis, 2005
    4. Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, 2003
    5. Killing Joke, Alan Moore, 1988

    Video Games:

    Classics (of all time);
    1. Legend of Zelda (Series), Nintendo
    2. Final Fantasy (Series), Squaresoft/Enix
    3. Pokemon (Series), Game Freak
    4. Metal Gear Solid (Series), Konami
    5. Elder Scrolls (Series), Bethesda

    1. Assassin's Creed (Series), Ubisoft
    2. Fire Emblem - Awakening, Nintendo
    3. Fallout (Series), Interplay/Bethesda
    4. Mass Effect (Series), BioWare
    5. Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar


    1. Any Kind of Video Game Console.
    2. Transformers, Beast Wars Action Figures
    3. MMPR, Megazords/Rangers/Props
    4. Digimon, D-Arts/S.H.Figuarts
    5. Lego

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