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  • Who is Mark Tomlin? Let me tell you. He is a huge toy enthusiast. With just over 10 years experience, and close to 800 figures still MOC; he doesn't consider himself the biggest collector but he feels is at least a blip on the radar. Collecting toys lines from Crash Dummies, Food Fighters, Reboot, Mummies Alive, and many more, there is no end to his madness! He converted his childhood room to 4 walls of pure bliss, a "Lair" as he would call it. It would definitely take you down memory lane. Need to start a toy addiction? He would be honored to point you in the right direction! (PS: My display picture.. umm.. That's my Action Figure I had made of myself. Looks real doesn't it!)

  • His Nerdgasms

  • Movies:

    1. Terminator 2, James Cameron, 1991
    2. Falling Down, Joel Schumacher, 1993
    3. Last Action Hero, John McTiernan, 1993
    4. Friday the 13th Part 7, John C Buechler, 1988
    5. Toy Story, Pixar Animation Studios, 1995


    Not my "thing" :P

    Video Games:

    1. Carmageddon, Stainless Games, 1997
    2. Half-Life, Valve Corporation, 1998
    3. TMNT: Turtles in Time, Konami, 1992
    4. Saints Row, Volition, 2006
    5. Grand Theft Auto (series), Rockstar, 1997-2015


    1. Beast Wars Transformers, Hasbro, 1995
    2. Reboot, IRWIN, 1995
    3. TMNT, Playmates, 1989
    4. Spider-Man (Animated), Toy Biz, 1990s
    5. Crash Dummies, TYCO, 1991

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