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  • When high school nerd Jonathan was bitten by a radioactive insect during a science experiment, he soon found out that he had gained the proportionate powers of a spi… wait, wrong story. Let’s start over. From a young age, Jonathan has always been a very curious person, but being introduced to the world of comics changed his life irreversibly. Comics allowed him to visit the darkest corners of the world’s best and worst comic book stores and to discover some of the most fascinating stories ever told. His passion became hunting down the hidden literary treasures this world has to offer and indulging in their perfect mashup of art and storytelling. His goal is to bring to All the Nerds a point of view about this medium and all the subjects related to it.

  • His Nerdgasms

  • Movies:

    1. The Matrix, The Wachowski Brothers, 1999
    2. TRON: Legacy, Joseph Kosinski, 2010
    3. Hackers, Iain Softley, 1995
    4. Iron Man, Jon Favreau, 2008
    5. Catch Me If You Can, Steven Spielberg, 2002

    1. Ghost in the Shell, Masamune Shirow, 1995
    2. Mobile Suit Gundam 00, 2008
    3. Akira, Katsuhiro Ôtomo, 1988
    4. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, 2015
    4. Big Hero 6, Don Hall, Chris Williams, 2014


    1. Think Tank, Image, Matt Hawkins, 2012
    2. Invincible Iron Man, Marvel, Matt Fraction, 2008
    3. Uncanny X-Force, Marvel, Rick Remender, 2010
    4. Aphrodite IX, Top Cow, Matt Hawkins, 2013
    5. Sub-Mariner, Marvel, Matt Cherniss, 2006

    Video Games:

    1. Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, 2014
    2. Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Nintendo, 1998
    3. Pokemon Blue/Red, Game Freak, 1998
    4. Final Fantasy VIII, Squaresoft, 1999
    5. StarCraft II, Blizzard, 2010


    1. TMNT Sewer Playset, Playmates, 1989
    2. TMNT Action Figures, NECA, 2008
    3. ED-209 1/6th scale, Hot Toys, 2014
    4. Motoko Kusanagi Figure, Gutto-Kuru, 2012
    5. Empire Strikes Back AT-AT, Kenner, 1981

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