It all began with an idea. An idea and a group of friends, sharing one simple goal, to give and share to the world their thoughts about the weekly news of the Geek Industry.

”Alone we may be strong, but as one, we shall be eternal”
This sentence represents the best our Credo.

Each one of us had already mastered our own domain of expertise, and together, we formed an unstoppable legion of Nerds. Giving insights and news to you shall be our purpose as we vowed to be the best, none the less.

As the time past, our channel evolved. We began to steer away from the classic style of the four of us chatting about Geeky culture, and began sharing our personal passions in the form of unboxings.

Now hosted by
– Mark T. AKA RoadRevenge, the Commander in chief of all Collectibles.
– Nicolas B. AKA BrigandOr, the outstanding genius of videotronic entertainments.

Let’s not forget our resident programmer Jonathan M. Though he may not be upfront with the rest of us, he works behind the scenes, ensuring our website functions accordingly.

We came, we saw, we Conqu-Nerd!

So, for all the Fans of Retro Video Games, Nerd/Geeky Collectibles, Building Sets, Models, WELCOME to the NEW All the Nerds!